Where to live near Basel?

Where to live near Basel?

Where to live near Basel?

The most popular residential areas are the banks of the Rhine, the St. Alban district in Grand-BaselWettstein to Petit-BaselGellert with its chic old villas and Bachletten right next to the zoo.

How to work in Basel?

Considering the location of Basel on the map of Switzerland and Europe, it is important to master German if you want to to work and join in Basel. The city is indeed part of German-speaking Switzerland. Otherwise, a good level of English is required to maximize your chances of finding a job there.

How to find a job in Switzerland without a diploma?

For example, 5 professions in which it is possible to find a full-time or part-time job:

  • Cashier in a supermarket (Coop, Migros, Manor, Denner, Aldi)
  • Home delivery person (pizzeria, ice cream and frozen food)
  • Handler (Prodega, Lehnherr, Aligro)

What jobs to pursue without a diploma?

10 trades to exercise when we don’t have diploma

  • Store merchant. …
  • Telemarketer. …
  • Order picker. …
  • Catering worker. …
  • Housekeeper. …
  • Driver. …
  • Security agent …
  • Versatile construction worker.

How is the quality of life in Basel?

The quality of life in Basel is exceptional. Switzerland recognizes four national languages ​​which, in practice, represent 92% of the population: 64% of Swiss speak German, 19% French, 8% Italian and 1% Romansh. Dialects cover the remaining 8%.

What are the pros and cons of living in Basel?

The different districts of Basel retain more or less their autonomy and offer local services such as the crèche, parks and playgrounds, libraries, doctors and shops, essential to the well-being of families. The quality of life in Basel is exceptional.

What is the city of Basel?

Basel has acquired an international reputation in the banking and financial world. The city is the headquarters of several major international banks, including the Swiss bank UBS. Basel is thus the third banking and financial center in Switzerland in terms of volume of activity, after Zürich and Geneva.

What to do in Basel in summer?

The Rhine is Basel’s secret emblem. In summer, life unfolds here in all its forms. Sunbathers, walkers, students and businessmen: all bring life to the banks of the Rhine. The Rhine charms with its freshness or its pleasant ferry rides. A gentle wind from the Mediterranean blows over the bend of the Rhine.