Where to put the lemon tree in winter?

Where to put the lemon tree in winter?

Where to put the lemon tree in winter?

The temperature to ensure the good wintering of the citrus fruit is between 3 and 8 degrees. If you don’t have these two locations, the garage or a basement can be a good alternative, if they are frost-free. the lemon must then be placed behind a bright window.

Does the lemon tree fear frost?

frozen lemon tree : how to know if is dead ? the freeze can kill plants. To find out if your lemon has been the victim of this intense winter cold, cut a branch and observe if the inside of it is still green. That would mean than the lemon tree can still walk away and be saved.

How to grow lemon?

A true star of citrus fruits, the lemon is generally easy to grow. But before harvesting this yellow fruit with multiple virtues, you must first successfully plant and maintain it. Indeed, the cultivation of the lemon tree can be very delicate. Potted lemon tree: why choose it?

How to maintain a lemon tree?

Remove dead wood as you go and ventilate the interior of the tree if necessary to restore light. In case of strong heat or prolonged drought, it is recommended to water the lemon tree. We see that the lemon tree needs water if its leaves start to soften or droop.

How to grow a lemon tree in winter?

The lemon tree cannot live indoors in winter so it will need an unheated outdoor greenhouse or a wintering veil. Growing a lemon tree in a container is best for all citrus trees as long as it freezes in your area. It will then have to be brought in sheltered from frost from October to May.

How to choose the right container for a lemon tree?

Plastic is great for lemon trees because you can move the plant around with changing seasons and light sources. Look for a deep plastic container to keep the lemon tree stable as it grows and produces fruit. The depth of the pot will determine how tall the lemon tree can grow.