Where to speed skate?

Where to speed skate?

Where to speed skate?

top city Speed ​​skating

  • Draveil (2)
  • Bristol (1)
  • Reze (1)
  • Orleans (1)
  • Reims (1)
  • Lyons (1)
  • PARIS 12 (1)
  • Fontenay-sous-Bois (1)

How long is the speed skating track?

As you may have guessed, the speed skating on short track is practiced on tracks shorter, with length of just over 111 meters, while in long trackwe are talking more about 400 meters.

What is Speed ​​Skating?

Speed ​​skating is a sliding sport on ice. He was born in the Netherlands in the 13th century and became Olympic in 1924. In speed skating, two skaters race at the same time on a track marked out by plastic studs, in the shape of a ring, 400 m in circumference. in the center of the track.

What is skate?

The skate is made up of a blade, a liner and a clip allowing the two elements to be joined at the front of the foot. Each skater is allowed to customize the attachment allowing, for example, to turn the foot in relation to the blade.

What is Processing Speed?

Processing speed is a cognitive skill that can be defined as the time it takes a person to complete a mental task. It is the speed with which a person understands and reacts to the information they receive, whether visual (letters and numbers), auditory (language) or movement.

Who is the first female Olympic speed skating medalist?

German speed skater Helga Haase. In 1960, she became the first female Olympic medalist in speed skating. At the Squaw Valley Olympics in 1960, women’s events were added to the Olympic program: they competed in the 5m, 1,500m and 3,000m.