Which boat to sail on a river?

Which boat to sail on a river?

Which boat to sail on a river?

Of course, the simplest is still of navigate with a speedboat or a trawler. Some models are very well suited to this type navigation mixed. I am thinking in particular of the Antarès range of Bénéteau, or the Trawlers from the same yard.

What engine power to make the Rhône?

If you plan to sail in Europe, RhoneRhine, Danube, etc… rather plan a motor of 100hp. If you think you only browse channels, a motor from 50hp to 80hp is sufficient.

What license to navigate in the river?

the permit ship of yachting inland waters option allows of drive on the rivers, lakes and canals. It is also called permit river. This permit is obligatory to motor power boats of more of 4.5 kilowatts (6 horsepower) and a length of less of 20 meters.

What type of boat to choose?

For Choose his ship, better not to think too big. Motor, sail, mixed sail-motor, for navigation along the coasts, small cruises, regattas or races, the first point to consider is what you want to do with your ship.

What is the price of the river permit?

the cost average is between 3 euros for the training and the exam. Add to that 2 tax stamps to pay for the registration and the delivery of the permit. It costs 116 euros: 38 euros to register for the exam and to pay again in the event of failure, and 78 euros to receive the permit ship.

How to get the river permit?

This permit is open to people over the age of 16. It includes a theoretical test and a practical test. To register for the exam, you must go to an approved school boat. This takes care of the administrative formalities.

What is the navigation speed of a boat without a license?

The navigation speed is established in relation to the engine power of your boat without a license, the engine must not exceed 6 HP (4.5 kilowatts) for a size of less than 15 meters. When handing over your license-free boat rental at the river base, you will be trained in how to handle your boat.

What is the boat license?

A boating license is compulsory for driving any engine with more than six horsepower, or the equivalent of 4.5 kilowatts. in inland waters (rivers, rivers and lakes): river navigation. pleasure boats: rental or private, sail or motor and of different sizes.


How to navigate on a river?

Navigation channel… When you are navigating alone you can stay in the center of the channel or the river, but when you meet another boat, you must turn to the right. On a river, it is essential to respect the navigation channel indicated on your river guide.

What is the speed of a river?

In the river the speed is limited. On a canal, you should not exceed 6 km/h whereas you can go at 10 or 12 km/h on rivers and rivers (check the exact speed depending on the river). This is a bottom speed (the one indicated on the GPS and not on the speedo).