Which float volume to choose?

Which float volume to choose?

Which float volume to choose?

For the more experienced who wish to indulge in speed, the advice goes to a float 2 cm long by 48 to 50 cm wide and volumes ranging from 60 to 75 liters. There is therefore a clear difference according to the level of the practitioner.

How to choose your windsurf float?

Our floats are recommended with weight levels that guarantee stability and buoyancy.

  1. 320 LITERS: between KG.
  2. 170 LITERS: between 50 and 80 KG.
  3. 320 LITERS: between KG.
  4. 170 LITERS: between 50 and 80 KG. SEE WINDSURFING PRODUCTS.

What size sail?

How to choose your sail size ? The sails waves are sails from 2.5 m² to 5.8 m². The sizes the most common are between 3.7 m² and 5.0 m². They can be shielded at 100% to have a sail very resistant or with an unshielded monofilm panel for better vision and light.

How to calculate the volume of a windsurf board?

The best method is to immerse the plank in a basin in the shape of a parallelepiped, to measure the difference in level and the size of the basin. We deduce the volume of water displaced and therefore the volume of the plank.

What size sail for what wind?

What size sail for what wind?

An example of global practice50–60kg7O-80 Kg
Force 2 to 35.0 to 8m²6.0 to 10m²
Force 4 to 54.5 to 6.5 m²5.5 to 8m²
Force 6 to 74.0 to 4.7 m²4.5 to 5.5 m²
+ power 83.0 to 4.0 m²3.7 to 4.5 m²

Which sail for 20 knots windsurfing?

About the sailsince your outings are always done with an intensity of wind not exceeding 20-25 knotsI would advise you of start with a veil of 6-7 square meters (always freeride, or allround), and one in 5 – 5.5 square meters (rider weight always…

Which foil to start in Windfoil?

You can start with the foils more racing/performance typed but learning will be more technical. For the sail, choose a sail without camber or freerace going of 5.0 to 7.0 max. The ideal float is between a board of slalom and a fairly wide freerace (75 cm).

How to choose your Windfoil?

Flow 1250: The best choice for beginners in windfoil. The FLOW range from Fanatic has met with phenomenal success and for good reason the brand has released 2 front wings for foils at the same time.


How to calculate board volume?

For example, for dimensions: 6’0x19.5″x2.5″ (length x width x thickness), they advertise a volume of 30.3 Liters.

How to calculate the cubic meter of a board?

The rule is: The quantity in m3 = slab surface (m2) x thickness (m). If you measured length and width in meters and thickness in centimeters or inches, you must convert the thickness measurement to meters (m) before calculate volume.

Which sail for which sailboat wind?

It should be remembered that the more sailing ship goes back to windmore the sails should be flat. At wind abeam and on reach, we are looking for power, the sails should therefore be inflated. Upwind, we will try to set course, the sails should therefore be flat.

How big is a sail float?

With the same foil, the same sail model and under the same conditions, if you need 7.5m2 for an 80cm wide float, you will need at least 8.6m2 for a 90cm wide float… c This is a test that we have done several times and which has been verified each time.

What is Float?

The floats were the men whose job was to pull out of the water the woods floating on the Yonne. The float is an element of a boat such as a trimaran or seaplane. The float is a flush part. The float is a piece of fishing line that prevents the hook from sinking in the water.

What are the benefits of a float keel?

The keel is a very important element on the float. At first, the weight of the keel makes it possible to straighten the float more or less quickly. Then the length ensures more or less the stability of the float once it is straightened.

How to choose the right fishing float?

Then the length ensures more or less the stability of the float once it is straightened. The longer and heavier the keel the faster it will set up and be stable in the water and the faster the fishing action. The choice of the antenna is also very important because it alone will transmit the bite to us.