Which garage floor?

Which garage floor?

Which garage floor?

What coating of floor to a garage : polyurea with flakes

  • Like epoxy, its surface is waterproof, non-porous and seamless. …
  • Its non-porous surface and high density make it resistant to stains, chemicals, calcium, impacts and scratches.

What paint for metal?

Types of painting intended for metal the metal, what whatever, is not very adhesive. Any kind of painting does not suit him. The paintings acrylic type are not suitable for metals. Prefer to use paintings oil-based such as painting glycero or the painting epoxy.

How to choose your garage floor covering?

There are many garage floor coatings that are much more effective than epoxy. For your garage floor, take the time to consider your options carefully. Know that when it comes to flooring, you have the choice of several materials. Our company specializes in garage floor installation.

What color should you choose for your garage?

The vinyl flakes give color to the flooring, so you can choose between shades of beige, black or gray, you can also create a custom color for your garage.

What are the advantages of a garage floor?

Indeed, polymer resins can be rather slippery when wet, so a relief on the garage floor is essential. Also, its waterproof and seamless surface is easy to maintain. It is also resistant to the majority of chemicals that can be found in a garage.

How to repair a concrete floor?

Its flexibility is also greater, which greatly reduces the risk of the covering of the concrete surface cracking. It’s time to get your hands dirty. You will have to repair the visible and important cracks of the floor using a grinder, fill the holes and sand the floor to level it.