Which jobs in libraries?

Which jobs in libraries?

Which jobs in libraries?

The sector library brings together a wide range of professions. Starting of course with the librarian, but not only. We also find the director of librarythe documentary manager, the documentary mediator or even the libraries.

How to make a living as a bookseller?

Unlike many jobs in the book, it’s entirely possible to become Bookseller without having a diploma related to this profession. The important thing is above all to have a good general culture, to like talking to people (and all the same to have a good sense of organization and the management).

Why conduct a study of library audiences?

The challenge ofstudy of public is the knowledge of these public. Because, secondly, it allows the library to develop or create new services, with a view to satisfying the public and better fulfilling its own mission.

Why do a library internship?

In library university, you will develop a different relationship with the public than in a library municipal. To inform the user, you will have to develop your knowledge of a disciplinary field, your mastery of documentary research and the use of the associated databases and tools.

How to find a job in the library?

Another method is to visit the employment space of bibliofrance.org or contact either the municipalities or the libraries themselves to find out about vacancies. In France, libraries are usually the responsibility of the State or local authorities.

What are the jobs of a librarian?

In France, librarians have civil servant status. However, there are several trades in a library, for example janitors and security guards, who may be contract workers. 4 Work in your school or university library.

What is the salary of a librarian?

Some of the librarians are not civil servants and are therefore contractual: in any case, if the place in the library has very little chance of being eliminated, the salary is not very high. In the university library, the bonuses of some barely hide that they do not touch the minimum wage and chain the ultra-precarious fixed-term contracts.

What are library staff?

Library staff may include student volunteers, who arrange books on shelves, and librarians or assistants who hold multiple degrees and perform specialized tasks in document management or the processing and preservation of collections of any kind.