Which protocols are used during a ping request?

Which protocols are used during a ping request?

Which protocols are used during a ping request?

ICMP protocol The command ping determines the status of a remote host. When executing the command ping the protocol ICMP sends a datagram to the specified host and waits for the response. the protocol ICMP is used to handle errors that occur on TCP/IP networks.

Which protocol encapsulates the ICMP protocol?

1 – Definition of ICMP protocol This protocol is considered to be part of the set of TCP protocols/IP. However, unlike TCP and UDP, it is located in layer 3 and therefore, it is encapsulated in IP.

Which protocol handles IP error messages?

ICMP (Internet Control Message ProtocolProtocol of message control over the Internet) is a protocol level 3 on the OSI model, which allows the control of errors transmission.

How to ping?

Test connections using Ping commands

  1. To run the Ping commandselect Start > Run.
  2. Type cmd in the Run window, then click OK. …
  3. Enter pingfollowed by an IP or DNS address.
  4. Press Enter to run the ordered.

How to interpret a ping command?

Use the ping command followed by the -a option and the IP address of the remote computer, to determine the host name of this remote computer. The terminal tells you the computer name and statistics Ping associated. With the -n option, you can specify the number of ICMP echo requests to send.

When is a router required to perform IP fragmentation?

In the latter case, if the packet is too large to be encapsulated in a frame, whose MTU is less than the size of the packet, the gateway which should realize the fragmentation will return an ICMP “Non-Fragmentable Packet” to the packet sender.

What is Station Linking?

The connection of the stations is carried out using a coaxial cable which is common to all the workstations. The connections of the stations on the cable are of the passive type. That is to say that the signal is not modified or regenerated at each station, which limits the extent of this type of network.

How to make a workstation?

Configure the station. Extend the tripod legs and position the top of the tripod so that it is exactly above the mark you want to work from. Adjust the tripod so the top is more or less level. Push the legs slightly into the ground to stabilize the station.

How do I know if a station is identified by a call sign?

Each station is identified by a callsign. For an aircraft, it corresponds to one of the following types: The operator’s callsign followed by the last four characters of its registration (e.g.: “Lufthansa GNNX”), The operator’s callsign followed by the flight identifier (e.g.: “Air France 001”).

What is radio?

They are used for communications between pilots and ground station personnel. It makes it possible to transmit clearances and important information for the safety of air traffic and the efficiency of air traffic management. Related article: Radio-navigation operator. Flight radio operator.