Which resin for the exterior?

Which resin for the exterior?

Which resin for the exterior?

The resin floor outside polyurethane RESINHOM is a resin two-component to the destined water to the renovation, to the color decoration of the floors exterior. Agrees to wood, metals, concrete, cement adheres on bitumen.

Which material to choose for a driveway?

By forgetting a driveway of loose pebbles such as marl or shale pebbles, the two-layer emulsion is the least expensive material for a driveway. It consists of a layer of gravel sprinkled with bitumen and covered with smaller gravel. The tar to bind the pebbles together, and create a solid coating.

How to choose a mineral resin floor?

The main thing is to ensure the stability of the base surface and a minimum slope (2%), for optimal ageing. Note: Unlike bitumen or a deactivated concrete slab, a mineral resin floor does not mineralize the ground that equips it. This is precisely what gives it this draining power.

Which material to choose for a functional driveway?

One driveable, the other pedestrian… The different materials for a functional driveway: Asphalt driveway, dual-layer, self-locking, resin-based or natural crystal-based coating? Choosing the material for your walkways depends as much on aesthetic, formal and financial criteria. Discovery of different products…

Which flooring to choose for a driveway or a driveway?

To ensure the safety of users, regardless of the use of the equipped space, stone resin is therefore an ideal material for equipping a driveway or a driveway. This natural stone outdoor flooring, permeable, remains easy to maintain over time, retaining its decorative appearance.