Which type of right to choose?

Which type of right to choose?

Which type of right to choose?

This mainly means that you must Choose your orientation according to your ambitions. To pass an administrative competition, it is better to bet on the right audience. To become a corporate lawyer, it is better to bet on the right private. To become a police commissioner, it is better to bet on the right penal.

How to become a lawyer?

What training and how to become a lawyer ? Access to this profession is through a traditional Bac +5 training (Master 2 of specialization in banking law, tax law, business law, etc.) at the Faculty of Law.

How to do law after the baccalaureate?

Follow a course for a Bachelor’s degree in right After the baccalaureate, you can directly pursue a university education leading to a Bachelor’s degree after three years. The License Mention right is the first degree that students can avail.

Which option to choose the right?

“The first year is very general, very theoretical. We study the right constitutional, the history of right, international relations, political economy…. But also more legal subjects such as the introduction to right civilian or the right goods.

Which diploma to integrate a training in law?

Qualifying training does not issue diplomas but a certificate of competence: Capacity in law, Advice in social law applied to the company…. You can integrate a training in law with a baccalaureate level.

How to study law remotely?

If you decide to study law from a distance, understand that in addition to your daily life, you will have to provide the work of a traditional student, who is present in class, asks questions to professors and benefits much more free time to revise.

What degree for a distance student?

Distance learning students are exempt from TD. The diplomas currently offered are the 3 years of license, the Master 1 (Public Law or Justice, Trials and Procedures), and finally the Master 2 Public Law, Services and Public Policies.

What are the professions that can lead to law studies?

Alongside the classic legal professions of judge and lawyer, there is a galaxy of professions to which law studies can lead.