Which window maker to choose?

Which window maker to choose?

Which window maker to choose?

What type of glazing Choose for a window?

  • In urban areas: double glazing is essential. …
  • For rooms facing north or located in cold regions: triple glazing is ideal to offer you the best possible thermal insulation.

What are the different types of window installation?

The installation of a window is done differently in the context of a new construction or a renovation and there are several types of installation depending on your case. Discover everything you need to know before embarking on a tunnel, rebate, wall or renovation installation.

What is the area of ​​a window?

Windows and patio doors are an integral part of the facade of your home. According to RT 2012, they must represent an area at least equal to 1/6 of the living area.

Why install a roof window?

Installing a roof window allows you to reduce the energy consumption of your home and thus save energy. To encourage this renovation, the State has implemented: VAT reduced to 5.5% instead of 10%.

What tax rate for windows and patio doors?

For windows and patio doors, aid can range from 35% (€7,000 max) to 50% (€10,000 max) depending on your tax rate calculated for year N-2. To this can be added other aid from the region, the municipality and the pension fund.