Who can arrest a soldier?

Who can arrest a soldier?

Who can arrest a soldier?

II. -When the hierarchical authority notices that the military is in a situation of conflict of interest within the meaning of Article L. 4122-3, it takes the necessary measures to put an end to it or directs the military to put an end to this situation within a period that it determines.

How to file a complaint against the army?

If the victim does not have control over the initiation of public action, he can: file complaint with the public prosecutor or a judicial police officer; seize the Minister of Justice, Keeper of the Seals, who can enjoin the public prosecutor to implement the public action.

What is the penalty for a deserter?

The fact to any soldier to desert in the presence of the enemy is punishable by twenty years’ imprisonment. If the military is officer, the sadness incurred is life imprisonment. If the desertion in the presence of the enemy has place with conspiracy, the penalty is life imprisonment.

Can a soldier refuse a mission?

This basic principle, enshrined in law since 1972, has just been clearly reaffirmed by the Ministry of Defence. An “instruction” published in the Official Bulletin of the Armies of December 2005 specifies that “the subordinate must to refuse to carry out an order requiring the performance of a manifestly illegal act”.

in order to become a legal officer it is preferable to have a university degree in law (bac +3 minimum).


How to leave the army without deserting?

It should be specified that the military who wish to terminate their employment contract during the probationary period do not have to justify their decision. All they have to do is notify their decision to terminate the contract before the expiry of the probationary period and mention the desired date of the end of the contract.

What is an illegal order?

Whatis an order obviously illegal ? The principle lies in that an order is a priori legal. He is therefore appeal to the agent’s common sense to detect whatorder isobviously and indisputably, illegal.

Who is the Director of Military Intelligence?

10 By statute, the Director of Military Intelligence is the intelligence adviser to the Minister of Defence, who is responsible for intelligence of military interest (cf. the military programming law of 2009 and the decree of 2013). The DRM is the military intelligence service of the armies, directly subordinated to the CEMA.

What is the function of military intelligence?

However, the function of military intelligence is essentially joint. It is therefore important to improve these information chains and establish real “customer-supplier” relations, both upstream and downstream of the military organisation.

How are human resources evolving in military intelligence?

The human resources allocated to military intelligence and particularly to the DRM have undergone major changes since its creation, marked in particular by an increasing use of civilian personnel who today represent a significant proportion of the workforce.

What is waiver?

The waiver can also be implicit (that is, it is inferred from the actions of the person). For example, if you ask your insurer for a disability benefit because you had an accident at work that affected your psychological health, you waive the confidentiality of your psychologist’s observations.