Who flies the fighter jets?

Who flies the fighter jets?

Who flies the fighter jets?

Business description The pilot of huntattached to an operational base, performs aerial missions in a squadron of hunt aboard a Rafale, Mirage… There are many missions: aerial combat, deterrence, interception or reconnaissance of aircraft.

How to be an airplane pilot?

The most classic formation to become commanding officer of east edge of pass the contest to enter the National School of Civil Aviation (ENAC). Another possibility is to be integrated into the school of pilots Air France cadets (on selection). The first step is obtaining the patent pilot professional.

Why become a fighter pilot?

To be fighter pilot, it is to have the certainty of seeing the sun every day, to feel a feeling of freedom, to experience unique sensations. But the fighter pilot is above all an officer of the French army, who navigates within a given framework and obeys orders.

How to become a fighter pilot in France?

The training of pilot of hunt lasts 4 years and 4 months and commits you to signing an initial contract with the army for 10 years. This training is divided into two parts: one training initial military period of 17 weeks, common to cadets, then a training of 4 years dedicated to the profession of pilot of hunt.

What are the roles of a pilot?

In all cases, he must: Follow orders. Control your aircraft. Carry out aerial missions, whether reconnaissance, bombing or fighter. Fight, defend and uphold the law. The air force pilot is an excellent aviator. That goes without saying.

How to become a fighter pilot?

Becoming a Pilot in the Air Force: Qualifications required. On the ground, the fighter pilot does not hesitate, if necessary, to make decisions. Available, he may have to travel a lot during his missions. He has a great sense of duty and respects authority more than anything. He is disciplined and ensures compliance with the law.

What are the positions of responsibility for military aeronautics?

Assuming positions of responsibility within the unit (flight command, head of aerial activity, training expert, flight safety officer). You show a strong interest in military aeronautics.

What are the Benefits of an Air Force Pilot?

Pilot in the Air Force: career / possibility of development: The pilot of the Air Force can hope to climb the ranks in the army and occupy, in the long term, positions of responsibility reserved for some ranks.