Who holds the speed record?

Who holds the speed record?

Who holds the speed record?

In 2020, the record of the world of speed car on public road was beaten: previously held by Bugatti with the Chiron Super Sport 300+ car, with 482.8 km/h, this time it was reached by the SSC Tuatara car who exceeded 500 km/h and reached an average of speed maximum 509.792 km/h.

What future for humans?

The more individuals there are on Earth, the greater the chance of genetic mutations multiplying. Evolution therefore has a future! Unless advances in medicine change that. Are humans still evolving? The answer is: without a doubt.

Why do humans continue to evolve?

The increase in the world’s population provides fertile ground for the evolution of our species. In limited prehistoric societies, genetic variants (synonymous with mutant when the variation is hereditary) are rather subject to chance — this is “genetic drift”. Are humans still evolving?

When did humans start using language?

But if you go back a million years to Homo erectus, an earlier archaic human species, expansion doesn’t exist. This gives us a rudimentary time frame for when humans first started using language.

What is the volume of a fossil brain?

The examination of fossil skulls shows us, for example, that our brain has decreased in volume (it has gone to an average of 1,350 cm3 against 1,500 cm3 for Cro-Magnon) and that its shape is also slightly different!