Who is Mutterson?

Who is Mutterson?

Who is Mutterson?

Utterson : London notary and cousin of Richard Enfield, he is friend with Doctor Jekyll and retains his and Lanyon’s will. Henry Jekyll: Doctor with a good reputation, he managed to create a potion who splits his soul in two, who lead to the creation of M. Hyde.

Who wrote Doctor Jekyll and Mister Hyde?

Robert Louis StevensonStrange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde Illustrated / Author

What are Hyde’s symbols?

The characters are so many symbols: Mr. Hyde represents the limitless unconscious, made up of desires and impulses to be satiated. Utterson symbolizes the conscience that allows man to live in society, respecting the rules (cf. my freedom ends where that of others begins).

What is the difference between good and evil?

Thus, several philosophers have tried to answer it by revolving around the same idea: good is the opposite of evil. For Aristotle, for example, the ultimate good is happiness, the common good for all, that which is achieved through virtue.

What are the consequences of Jekyll and Hyde splitting up?

The story of Jekyll and Hyde explores the consequences of trying to separate these two faces, which results in a split personality. Both are the same person. Their desires and urges reside in the same being. By separating them, the consequences are atrocious.

What is the difference between Jekyll and Hyde?

The physical description of the two characters is also significant; while Jekyll is described as having a pleasant appearance, Hyde has a wild and disagreeable “caveman” aspect.