Who is poaching?

Who is poaching?

Who is poaching?

Today the poachers are active throughout the African continent, from West Africa (Burkina Faso, Niger, Benin) through Central Africa (Democratic Republic of Congo, Tanzania, Kenya, Central Africa) and as far as Africa southern region with Namibia, South Africa and Botswana.

What are the poaching solutions?

The fight also involves the training of local rangers, armed guards, or the installation of sensors directly on the animals in order to follow their movements. Awareness campaigns are also essential to encourage consumers to change their behavior.

Why is there poaching?

The poachers hunt elephants mainly for the ivory of their tusks, usually to sell it and get money, but also to make this ivory a decoration, or to have food, for religious values, for witchcraft , for medical reasons or even…

Why do poachers kill rhinos?

The horn dearer than gold The horn of rhinoceros would resell for between 400 euros per kilo on the black market, i.e. more than a kilo of gold. Often these horns are intended for consumers in Asia, especially in Vietnam and China.

What is poaching?

Poaching refers to illegal hunting or fishing. It is therefore defined in relation to the legislation, and in relation to the regulations which apply it; concerning the hunting or fishing license, the dates and places of authorized hunting, and the lists of species authorized for hunting/fishing…

What are the effects of poaching?

The scope of the effects of poaching differs depending on whether it concerns so-called sedentary or highly migratory species (in the latter case, poaching in one region or country can affect the survival of the population of the species in another country, as well as the ecosystem services it provides).

What is the difference between hunting and poaching?

Unlike the legitimate hunting that, for example, indigenous populations engage in in the tropical forests for food, poaching does not take into account any quota for the harvesting of wildlife.

What are the different types of poaching?

To simplify, it can be broken down into six types: It is poaching based on ancestral traditions. In some tribes such as the Pygmies or the Bushmen, it is traditional to go hunting.