Who is the author of the teaching program?

Who is the author of the teaching program?

Who is the author of the teaching program?

programmed instruction means a method ofeducation set up by Burrhus Frederic Skinner, who is based on various principles, including that who wants thata person learns by observing his own actions and the consequences who resulting.

What is a PDF lesson plan?

One teaching program is by definition a set of educational activities which are organized with a view to the achievement of a predetermined objective or the accomplishment of a specific series of educational tasks.

What is Modular Programming?

In computer science, modular programming takes up the idea of ​​manufacturing a product (the program) from components (the modules). It breaks down a large application into modules, groups of functions, methods and processing, in order to be able to develop and improve them independently,…

What is the difference between modular programming and refinement?

Modular programming does not imply the use of a particular programming style or paradigm; the elements it structures can be object-style, imperative, or functional. The opposite of modular programming is refinement.

What is Modular Construction?

The term “modular construction” refers to a construction principle invented in 1955. This is based on a set of prefabricated modules that are more than 80% equipped in the factory.

Which material for a modular construction?

Some manufacturers offer construction modules in wood, a material that can be described as “durable” and which traps CO 2. However, the structures used in classic modular construction are largely made of steel.