Who is the creator of the music?

Who is the creator of the music?

Who is the creator of the music?

Haydn was an inventor of music, a thoughtful man, whose first work was in musical form. He truly gave a framework to the sonata form (exhibition-development-re-exhibition of themes), a model of structure who will be the foundation of musical composition until the end of the 19th century.

Who invented music and when?

It was then in China that we found the first traces of musical theory, who date from about ten centuries BC. J. -C. This music is inseparable from poetry and dance, for some sages it expressed the balance between heaven and earth.

How to make music?

The music can be made with objects from nature (piece of wood for example) or everyday life (water glasses and cutlery for example also), parts of the body (clapping of hands, feet) with the human voice , or with instruments specially designed for this purpose.

What is the history of music?

Music has existed for a very long time since prehistoric times (songs, clapping of hands, clash of stones or wood), but the history of “known” music only really begins with the birth of musical notation. (beginning of music theory), in the Middle Ages in Europe (Western music).

What is Music?

It can use various objects, the body, the voice, but also specially designed musical instruments, and increasingly all sounds (concrete, synthesized, abstract, etc.). Music has existed in all human societies since prehistoric times.

What are the different types of music?

The set of types of music that use “Western” music theory (scores, scales, chords, etc. characteristics) is called (in the broad sense) classical music. There are several periods of classical music (these periods are also found in the field of painting and literature): Ancient and medieval music.