Who receives the Order of Merit?

Who receives the Order of Merit?

Who receives the Order of Merit?

After the Legion of Honor, thenational order of merit is the second order national festival aimed at honoring French citizens. It rewards the merits distinguished acquired either in a public, civil or military function, or in the exercise of a private activity.

How do you know if someone has the National Order of Merit?

A patent, signed by the President of the Republic, is issued to the holder of thenational order of merit after receiving his decoration. The patent attests to its membership in thenational order of merit.

What is the rank of precedence of the ONM?

I’national order of merit. This is the fourth decoration in the order of precedence after the Legion of Honour, the Order of Liberation and the Military Medal, but the third may still be awarded, the Order of Liberation being foreclosed.

How to be eligible for the National Order of Merit?

What are the conditions for claiming the National Order of Merit? To be eligible for this honorary title, it is necessary to have distinguished merits in the exercise of his functions for at least 10 years. This concerns both the public service, civil or military, and private organizations.

What is Merit?

In official language, the notion of merit is reminiscent of military or civilian awards given to modern heroes, for service(s) rendered to the French nation. In the professional world, this is what could make an employee worthy of a raise or at least a proper congratulations.

How do I apply for an Order of Merit?

Send the request by simple letter or by registered mail with acknowledgment of receipt to the prefecture of the place of residence of the proposed person. The prefect of the department has a period of 6 months to examine the request. Knowing a person of outstanding merit, I would like you to present him with the Order of Merit.

How to reward the merit of a company?

And even when this question of merit is not part of the corporate culture, “a manager can decide to reward based on merit, but he must first provide his own definition of merit”, explains Cécile Vaesen. A modus operandi which then raises several questions: how do we set the objectives?