Who tells the story of the smuggler?

Who tells the story of the smuggler?

Who tells the story of the smuggler?

the setter (original title: The Giver) is a novel by Lois Lowry published in 1993 in America and in 1994 in France….The setter.

GenderNovel Dystopia Science fiction
Original version
TongueAmerican English
TitleThe Giver
EditorHMH Books for Young Readers

Why did Lois Lowry write The Ferryman?

the setter is part of this logic of staging childhood in moments of questioning in life. Indeed, it is the story of Jonas, a young boy who is part of a community where organization and transparency condition the lives of individuals.

What is the theme of the book the ferryman?

the setter a novel counter-utopian on the theme tolerance and love that sends shivers down your spine. Looks like nothing, The setter is the book that every writer dreams of writing, both the form is simple while the background is full of interpretations.

What is Jonas’ role in the ferryman?

On the day of the ceremony awarding his profession, Jonah is chosen to become the next Custodian of Memory, the one who keep history and role the most important of the whole community.

Who is Lily in the ferryman?

The reader gradually discovers this dictatorship through the point of view of Jonas, an 11-year-old boy, who lives with his parents and his 7-year-old sister, Lily. VS’is an alert, lively, intelligent and who has a somewhat rebellious spirit. the book opens with his apprehension of the 12-year ceremony.

Why is the ferryman a science fiction?

focus is placed on the symbolic dimension and the dystopian genre, the plot and less on the “popular” or “popular” dimension of children’s literature. The Giver is however classified as a novel by ScienceFiction due to its classification as a dystopian and speculative novel.