Why a ball at the end of the Bic 4 colors?

Why a ball at the end of the Bic 4 colors?

Why a ball at the end of the Bic 4 colors?

The explanation goes back to the context of its creation, in the 70s. At the time, rotary telephones were used. The ball superior of Bic 4 colors allowed, among other things, to activate them!

What are the elements of a pen?

A pen is developed around six elements: the tip, the ink, the ink reservoir and its adduction system, the tip protection system, the barrel and the design.

How to make a pen?

Buy a pen making kit. It’s much easier to find them online than in stores that sell DIY and craft products. In general, the barrel is made of metal and an ink cartridge is provided.

What are the advantages of a pen?

Body: The body of the pen houses the interior parts. The stylus, if applicable, and the socket are at each end. Push or Cam Mechanism: This marvel of mechanical engineering allows the cartridge to be extended or retracted. It is she who is at the origin of the famous clicks.

How to choose the right pen?

No need to put the tip in or out, just a cap. These types of pens are a delight for those who love simple mechanics, chewy caps, and a noticeable lack of click. If this is your target audience, we advise you to take a look at these templates: