Why buy a Tesla car?

Why buy a Tesla car?

Why buy a Tesla car?

An ecological investment If you wish to reduce your carbon footprint and travel in an ecological vehicle, the purchase of a You’re here is a good idea. It is considered that its CO2 emissions, from its design to its scrapping, are three times lower than for a thermal car.

Why are Teslas less comfortable at high speeds?

Intrinsically less comfortable at high speed, Teslas must also deal with the physical limits of their battery. Faced with strong influxes of power, the cells tend to rise in temperature. The electronic management of the battery is then responsible for reducing the power it provides, to avoid the risk of overheating.

What are the benefits of connectivity in Tesla vehicles?

Connectivity is an essential part of all Tesla vehicles, enhancing the driving experience by providing access to data-intensive features, including streaming music and media playback, real traffic and much more.

What is Tesla’s Final Bill?

Your final invoice will contain your vehicle identification number, configuration options and all charges before and after deducting VAT. The estimated delivery date on your final invoice is subject to change. What payment methods does Tesla accept?

What is the history of Tesla?

In 2012, Tesla begins to expand its network of fast charging stations, available to eponymous cars only. July 29, 2016 marks a milestone in Tesla’s history; the opening of the Gigafactory, a giga-factory, operated jointly with Panasonic, which will manufacture the batteries for the Teslas to come.