Why can’t I get the scholarship?

Why can't I get the scholarship?

Why can’t I get the scholarship?

A delay may occur if you have sent your file to the Crous late or if there is a large flow of requests for Crous aid. The problem can also be technical.

How to get the merit scholarship?

To be entitled to the stock Exchange to deservedyou must meet the following conditions: Benefit from the stock Exchange of high school. Commit to continue, with diligence, an education up to the CAP or to the baccalaureate. Have obtained a “good” or “very good” mention in the national patent diploma.

Why did I not receive my scholarship notification?

The lack of response may also be due to the sending of an incomplete file or a sending not received by the CROUS or a delay in processing. Simulate your Sotck exchange in 2 mins.

Where to apply for the scholarship?

For the academic year, you must submit your application between January 20 and . The request is made on the internet using the student social file (DSE). You have an account (email address and password) if you have already completed a DSE or if you are registered on Parcoursup.

What mention in the baccalaureate for the merit scholarship?

Granted to the most deserving scholarship students, assistance with deserved is a complement of the stock market social criteria. It is thus intended for baccalaureate holders with modest incomes, having obtained a mention Very good at bin and who wish to continue their studies.

How do I retrieve the stock exchange notification?

The notification of stock Exchange is based on the information entered in your student social file (DSE). It is sent to you by e-mail as an attachment. You can also download this document from your MesServices.etudiant.gouv.fr account, section “DSE follow-up”.

What is the conditional scholarship notification?

The conditional notice indicates the decision of attribution or refusal for each wish expressed. It must include a wish for your host establishment.

How do I file a complaint with the stock exchange management?

contact us

  1. Phone: 76 822 51 72.
  2. E-mail: [email protected]

What is the Bac merit scholarship?

Just like the patent merit scholarship, there is a baccalaureate merit scholarship; officially called merit aid. An additional boost to the scholarship on social criteria, for high school students who have had more than 16/20 average in the baccalaureate and who are continuing their higher education.

How to get a merit scholarship?

This commitment must be submitted to the school in which you are enrolled. The amount of the merit scholarship depends on your level at the high school scholarship. The merit scholarship is paid in 3 instalments at the same time as the high school scholarship. The scholarship must be combined with the high school scholarship.

What is the amount of the post-baccalaureate merit scholarship?

The payment of the post-baccalaureate merit scholarship is limited to 3 years of study. All beneficiary students will be granted the sum of 900 euros for the year.

Can the merit scholarship be combined with canteen assistance?

Note: The merit scholarship can also be combined with other financial aid such as canteen aid (find out more). In addition, you receive the Back to School Allowance provided you meet the eligibility criteria.