Why choose a Catholic university?

Why choose a Catholic university?

Why choose a Catholic university?

Structures on a human scale and individual support for students, much more than religious convictions. And the results are there: 70 to 80% of undergraduate students obtain this diploma in three years, according to Udesca. A success rate twice that of the public.

Why choose the Catholic University of Lille?

The Catholic of Lille is considered the best catholic university of France. Like other universities catholics from France, it owes its success to its good reputation and the success rate of students, which is twice that of the public.

Why choose ice cream?

A rich and dynamic associative life The associative life as it is conceived at theICESallows students to engage in a free voluntary activity and allows them to experience self-sacrifice and consolidate human and extra-university qualities.

How does the university work?

“The missions of the public service of higher education are : 1° Initial and continuous training throughout life; 2° Scientific and technological research, the dissemination and exploitation of its results in the service of society.

Why go to UCO?

A university on a human scale The human scale of the promotions allows this proximity. For students who are more isolated or who lack bearings due to their autonomy or their geographical remoteness, a listening cell is offered as part of the permanence of the psychologist present at theOCU.


Why go to ICP?

Students who choose theKPI testify to the strengths of their training: personalized support, the alternating rhythm of theoretical courses and internships, the teaching staff made up of teacher-researchers and professionals from the targeted professional sector.

How to integrate the Catholic University of Lille?

December 21, 2021: opening of the Parcoursup portal. Discovery of formations and their characteristics. From January 20 to: the candidate creates his profile on Parcoursup and enters a maximum of 10 wishes (without the need for classification). After March 29, 11:59 p.m., it is no longer possible to enter wishes.

Why choose ICP?

Through these one-of-a-kind formations, theKPI wants to help students forge a balanced personality, able to build the paths that will allow them to act wisely in a changing world, whether within companies, civil or religious institutions and society in general .

Where to do a degree in political science?

Where to train?

Facility NameCity
Faculty of Law and political scienceUniversity of Versailles Saint-Quentin-en-YvelinesGuyancourt
Faculty of science legal, policies and social studies, University of LilleLille
UFR of law, political Sciences and social studies, Sorbonne Paris Nord UniversityVilletaneuse

How is a university run?

“The President of theeast university elected by an absolute majority of the elected members of the board of directors from among teacher-researchers, researchers, professors or lecturers, associates or guests, or any other assimilated personnel, without condition of nationality.

How to join Espol?

Admission is based on file, the documents requested: Access to M1 is open to candidates holding a license or/and 180 ECTS in political science or in a related subject (sociology, law, in particular public law, international relations, economics , geography, history, civilization, demography, etc.).

Who founded UCL and when?


KindConfessional Free University
FounderJohn IV of Brabant (Former University of Louvain) The Bishops of Belgium
RectorVincent Blondel
ChancellorJozef De Kesel
General administratorAlexia Autenne

How to enter the ICP?

Entry into the first year of a bachelor’s degree. The licenses ofKPI are accessible on the national pre-registration portal Parcoursup. They can thus accommodate students regardless of their geographical origin: Paris, Île-de-France and regions.

Where to study political science in France?

There are 10 IEPs in Franceone of which is located in Paris called “Political science“, and 9 in the provinces and Ile-de-France : Aix, Bordeaux, Grenoble, Lille, Lyon, Paris, Rennes, Strasbourg, Toulouse and St Germain en Laye.

What are the advantages of Catholic universities?

The number of students has doubled in thirteen years in Catholic universities. Their operation and their pedagogy, similar to those of the Grandes Ecoles, appeal to graduates. Success rates well above the national average.

What Is The Price Of A Catholic University?

Catholic universities are selective and… paying. A first year of a bachelor’s degree can cost up to €5,000 (it’s less than €200 at a public university).

Why are Catholic universities important?

“Catholic universities are interested in the development of the person, and not only in the transmission of knowledge. This is part of the doctrine of the Church,” explains Jean-Louis Vichot. They rely on the personalized support of students, facilitated by the small number of promotions.

What are the criteria for the success of Catholic universities?

“Catholic universities have 35% of scholarship students, which corresponds to the national average”, specifies Jean-Louis Vichot. Another criterion that contributes to their success: desectorization. Catholic universities do not apply academic priority.