Why choose Art Nouveau?

Why choose Art Nouveau?

Why choose Art Nouveau?

L’Art Nouveau draws its roots from the Arts & Crafts movement, which appeared in England in the 1860s. It is akin to a desire to return to craftsmanship, to a revaluation of labor, to the creation of beautiful utilitarian objects.

What are the beginnings of new art?

These are the beginnings of Art Nouveau, or more precisely of Modern Style. Indeed, the expression “Art Nouveau” was used for the first time by Edmond Picard, in 1894, in the Belgian magazine L’Art moderne to describe the work of the Belgian artist Henry van de Velde. We then speak of the 1900 style.

What is the Art Nouveau movement?

The Art Nouveau movement is an artistic current born in Europe: it is particularly followed between 18. It is a protest movement in reaction to the different artistic currents of the second half of the 20th century.

What are the contributions of new art?

One of its major contributions is to have broken down the traditional barrier between major arts and minor arts, for example by raising the poster to the ranks of the fine arts. In Germany, Art Nouveau takes the name of Jugendstil, while in England it is embodied in the Arts & Crafts movement.

What are the greatest successes of Art Nouveau?

The finest successes of Art Nouveau, with a marked linear rhythm, stem from a harmony that brings them closer to the cabinetmaking of the 18th century. It is in Nancy that the affinities between Rococo and Art Nouveau appear most convincingly.