Why choose flat roof?

Why choose flat roof?

Why choose flat roof?

In summary, the main advantages of flat roof are: the possibility of opting for a roof ecological. the possibility of installing solar panels or skylights. the modern style. lower installation and maintenance cost

Why choose a Rooftop?

Thermal inertia: In summer, the roof terrace allows thermal inertia leading to freshness. This offers modern homes a real terrace which can become a garden. If you opt for a roof vegetated, the temperature can rise to 37°C in summer.

What are the disadvantages of a flat roof?

Some cities refuse the installation of flat roofs. For the construction, call in a professional, because the main drawback of a flat roof is its tightness. The lack of slope does not allow good natural drainage of rainwater, sometimes causing water infiltration.

What are the advantages of flat roofs?

At a time when we talk a lot about the environment and saving space, flat roofs are becoming an interesting solution that has many advantages. First of all, flat roofs are not only intended for new or recent constructions!

Are flat roofs accepted by municipalities?

However, if flat roofs are increasingly accepted by municipalities, each has its own rules, which you should know. Thus, it is impossible to install a flat roof in an area classified as ‘Bâtiments de France’, or in certain mountainous areas where the traditional chalet is required.

How to choose a flat roofer in Montreal?

Our flat roofers in Montreal recommend the elastomeric membrane for flat roofs. The membrane has an impressive lifespan, is available in several colors and requires minimal maintenance. When it comes to the flat roof, snow accumulation is another major problem.