Why choose paint?

Why choose paint?

Why choose paint?

For people of the intuitive or artistic type, the painting and drawing allow them to develop the creativity they already demonstrate. As for people of the rational or analytical type, it can also stimulate their creativity and improve it.

Why is art entertainment?

L’art frees us, it allows us to escape from everyday life, diverts us from ourselves. It distracts us by making us forget the sad reality. Man would therefore need theart because it allows him to to entertainto believe in certain types of happiness, to taste pleasures that distract him from everyday reality.

Why is art not entertainment?

It is true that theartturning us away from the usual world, can be presented as a entertainment which charms for a moment. But this meaning remains superficial. A great work gives us the truth of a world, it reveals its essence and therefore has nothing to do with a futile or secondary activity.

Why is gambling not entertainment?

Children develop their creativity, inventiveness, they play according to their needs. Despite all the advantages of this type of Gamethe children abandon it too quickly for the games with rules. The individual therefore loses freedom but gains in socialization.

Why cover your old paintings with organic paint?

If you have made this choice in the past, know that covering your old paintings with organic paint would, according to recent studies, have the power to block the emissions of toxic substances. In the future make the right choice and long live natural products!

Is water-based paint dangerous?

Is there really an advantage for the acquirer, in the long term? All this, compared to paints with low VOCs and much less expensive… Thank you for your help! Florian it’s true, painting with water is not without dangers; ) I read all your comments about odors and the harmfulness of paints.

What are the pros and cons of waterborne paint?

Finally, for the environment, their ecotoxicity requires specific treatment of residues and waste. In water-based paints, water replaces organic solvents. However, a certain quantity of organic solvents remains, generally alcohols and derivatives of glycol ethers.

What is Solvent-Based Paint?

A classic paint is made up of resins, solvents, pigments, fillers and additives. The specific toxicity of solvent-based paints is above all linked to the presence of large quantities of organic solvents, which are mainly responsible for central and peripheral neurotoxicity, dermatoses and hepatorenal toxicity.