Why didn’t I get my scholarship?

Why didn't I get my scholarship?

Why didn’t I get my scholarship?

???? Why the stock Exchange have a delay? A delay may occur if you have sent your file to the Crous late or if there is a large flow of requests for Crous aid. The problem can also be technical.

When to apply for a student grant?

From January 20, 2022 and until you must apply for a student grant for the start of the school year. Income ceilings, points to be paid and amount of the scholarship.

What are the criteria for obtaining a scholarship?

Regular attendance: your scholarship is paid to you based on your regular attendance. Be careful not to have unjustified absences according to the conditions set up by your establishment. Do not register with Pôle Emploi: the status of job seeker is incompatible with the grant based on social criteria.

When should a scholarship file be sent?

For the next academic year (), the file must be sent between January 20 and . Find out the scholarship amounts. Scholarship file out of time: what happens in the event of a late application?

What are the rights to the Stock Exchange?

These situations are valid on September 1 of the year for which the scholarship is requested. Students moving on to the next year are entitled to a scholarship regardless of the number of credits validated. Beyond the license course or any other course of a duration greater than or equal to BAC+4, the rights are distributed as follows: