Why do outpatients?

Why do outpatients?

Why do outpatients?

Surgery ambulatory is acclaimed by patients, healthcare teams who see it as an improvement in the quality of care and the public authorities for whom it represents a significant savings windfall. It is set to grow in the coming years.

How is an outpatient procedure performed?

The outpatient surgery is a method of care allowing you to shorten your hospital stay for an operation to a single day surgical. You therefore return in the morning to be operated on the same day and come out in the evening. The length of stay in the hospital is from a few hours to less than 12 hours.

What is the role of the support person?

The trusted person can ensure the following missions: Accompany you in your steps and assist you during your medical appointments. To be consulted by doctors to explain your wishes if you are unable to be consulted yourself.

How is the operation carried out?

The outline of the incision is drawn on the patient’s abdomen using a sterile pen, then the theater nurses set up the operating drapes, which conceal the patient’s entire body except the space on which the surgeon works.

Why day hospitalization?

The hospital of day can succeed a time ofhospitalization continues more or less long and contributes to therapeutic consolidation. This modality ofhospitalization allows you to benefit from individualized care while preserving the rhythm of family, professional and social life.