Why do we talk about the myth of the golden ratio?

Why do we talk about the myth of the golden ratio?

Why do we talk about the myth of the golden ratio?

The phrase ” gold number evokes the unique law of universal harmony and the very symbol of beauty. It would symbolize perfection, would give a universal explanation of aesthetic feeling, would summarize the geometry of beauty.

What is Proportion?

According to Vitruvius De Architectura, book I, “proportion is the commensurability of each of the members of the work and of all the members of the work as a whole by means of a given unit of measurement or modulus”.

What are the goals of proportion theory?

The theory of proportion has as its fundamental objectives its visual intentionality, consisting in creating an apparent order by the repetition of similar figures, and its formal intentionality, based, not on the forms themselves, but on the rhythm between these forms.

What is Proportion in Architectural Theory?

Proportion is a central principle of architectural theory and an important link between mathematics and art. It is the visual effect of the relationships of different objects and spaces that form a structure between them and with the whole. These relationships are often governed by multiples of a standard length unit called a “module”.

What is the value of proportion in architecture?

Proportion in architecture thus attains its first theorization and value in Greek architecture, and is closely related to the philosophy, mathematics and music of classical antiquity.