Why does love make you unhappy?

Why does love make you unhappy?

Why does love make you unhappy?

L’love is a feeling difficult to express, in general you do not have the means to put words on what you really feel therefore it creates frustration because communication with your other half is difficult.

What is the singular of love?

It was time to settle the question once and for all! “Love”, to begin with, is very masculine in the singular, just like the Latin amor from which it comes: a fervent love, an unhappy love, a maternal love, a passionate love…

What is the kind of love?

Tradition: change of gender in the plural. We have sometimes encountered “love” in the singular feminine form (a beautiful love), but this “antique” form is now a matter of stylistic fantasy.

What is the difference between love and feminine?

The feminine, however, remains alive in sustained and literary language in the sense of “passion” or “feeling of love”. Even in formal language, when the singular and the plural of the noun amour are associated in the same sentence, we put the masculine amour and the other words whose agreement it commands.

What is the difference between love and gaze?

When we love, we look for the gaze of the other, which can be sweet or painful. In his famous poem “The Curve of your eyes”, Paul Éluard poetizes the eyes of the beloved woman and affirms: “the curve of your eyes goes around my heart”. Thus, love and gaze are intimately linked. Phèdre, Paris, ed. Jean Ribou