Why does the child eat dirt?

Why does the child eat dirt?

Why does the child eat dirt?

It is a normal and transitory behavior of discovery of its environment, which will eventually pass as thechild understand and assimilate what is eat and what does not happen eat not. On the other hand, if thechild continue to eat inedible substances past this stage, it may be good to ask questions.

Can we eat dirt?

This Earth was intended for human consumption and was exported everywhere. It was carefully transported in amphorae, sealed with a seal to guarantee its provenance and authenticity. Today we still consume Earth in case of stomach aches, in the form of Smecta.

How to treat geophagia?

Apart from these voluntary consumptions, clay is also found in Western pharmacopoeias: clay-based antidiarrheal drugs (Smecta based on smectite, Gastropulgite and Actapulgite based on attapulgite, Kaopectate based on kaolinite and pectin ), use one of the positive effects of …

What is pica?

Pica is diagnosed when the person persistently eats things that are not food for 1 month or more. The disorder is not diagnosed in children under the age of 2, because at this age eating such things is considered part of normal development.

What is Pica disease?

Pica’s disease. Pica disease is a little-known eating disorder characterized by the irrepressible urge to consume inedible substances such as paper, soil or soap.

Can Pica disease occur during pregnancy?

There is no scientific explanation for this, but Pica disease can occur during pregnancy. On online forums, women testify to their pica syndrome while they are pregnant.

What are the symptoms of pica?

Pica itself rarely interferes with social functioning, but it often occurs in people with other mental disorders that interfere with social functioning. These disorders include autism. A doctor usually diagnoses pica by determining what the person eats.