Why enlist in the Navy?

Why enlist in the Navy?

Why enlist in the Navy?

FOR WHAT ENGAGE IN THE MARINE ? Join the Marine, it is: Practicing rewarding jobs that make sense. It is to contribute to the protection of the French and the interests of France.

What is the number of sailors in the French Navy?

The French Navy has nearly 40,000 sailors, including 6,000 reserve sailors, i.e. nearly 15% of its overall workforce. Reserve sailors… Discover all the offers of the French Navy.

What age to apply for the Navy?

The French Navy has nearly 39,000 sailors, including 5,000 reserve sailors, i.e. nearly 13% of its overall workforce. You are too young to apply for the Navy. Did you know that the Navy recruits from the age of 16? If you are 16 years old and over, you can apply for the Ecole des mousses or integrate a navy military preparation.

How long is the first navy interview?

Fully motivated, tense like a crossbow, I recite the motto of the Navy in my head to relax. Honor Country Value Discipline. This first interview lasts 1h30.

What are the different types of maritime training?

Over three years, the training is maritime, military (command), human and scientific (mechanical, underwater acoustics, energy, etc.) and delivers an engineering title. The assignment of officers depends on the chosen specialty.