Why help children?

Why help children?

Why help children?

As a human species, our evolution is tied to the natural world. From an early age, contact with fauna and flora is necessary for our development. When it is reduced, becoming either too rare or too poor, negative effects appear, such as obesity or anxiety.

Why name emotions in children?

Because there is a link between the area of ​​the brain that controls emotions and that of language, the fact of being able appoint them emotions helps the child to regain his composure.

How to cultivate environmental awareness in children?

Plant the little seed of environmental awareness in their minds! With this in mind, Touk Touk offers children aged 3 to 7 stories, documentaries and games on the theme of ecology and travel.

How to explain the environment to children?

Create a rainbow with a glass of water, a sheet of paper and the rays of the sun. Freeze small objects in a container full of water and watch the ice melt. There are many books and board games that have the environment as their theme explained to children. You will find plenty of ideas on the internet.

How to help your child to fight against environmental problems?

Catherine Gauthier, Executive Director of ENvironnement JEUnesse, suggests doing this in a positive and concrete way. “Rather than talking to him about environmental problems, it is better to show him small daily gestures that are good for nature. This is what Meika Palmer, mother of Léo, 3 years old, and Félix, 6 months, does.

How to make your child’s recovery?

Scavenge: Use toilet paper rolls, milk cartons, egg cartons, etc. Get inspired by Touk Touk’s activity kits and organize a DIY workshop. With your children, you can create boats, rockets, trucks, octopuses and many other things.