Why is it difficult to find a job?

Why is it difficult to find a job?

Why is it difficult to find a job?

Still, the feeling that dominates in 38% of respondents is that he is more hard to find a job today. According to the employees, itis mainly due to the fact that in general fewer suitable positions would be available (33%).

Why can’t I get a job?

Spend hours researchinguseof course, but do not forget not the rest of your life: meet your friends, take the opportunity to do things you never not time to do the usual, talk to yourself… and for what not not think about that volunteering – a few hours a week – that could…

What are the most difficult jobs in the information and communication technologies sector?

In the figures, this category of the information and communication technology sector concentrates 72.3% of the share of difficult projects. Here, the profession of computer employee and operator closes the loop with its 58.2% share of difficult projects.

What is the situation in the information and communication technologies sector?

Update on the situation in the ICT sector… The information and communication technologies sector accounts for 3.9% of the overall package of recruitment projects announced by the 1.7 million establishments that participate to the Pôle Emploi survey.

What are IT jobs?

IT professions combine technique, logic or analysis, with big data for example. Nevertheless, some of them lean more towards a very particular field. Today, the web needs its technicians to function and develop.

Who are IT professionals?

IT professionals are mainly sought after in companies that produce software, that sell products on the Internet or even those that specialize in the field of insurance and banking.