Why is Mexico a developing country?

Why is Mexico a developing country?

Why is Mexico a developing country?

the mexico east a big country emerging: by its history, by its size (110 million inhabitants, a GDP of nearly 900 billion dollars), by its potential (a diversified economy, abundant natural resources, large companies already internationalized, a solid banking sector … and a proximity …

What are the sectors of Mexico’s economy?

Mexico’s economy is diverse, including high-tech industries, oil production, mining and manufacturing. Agriculture accounts for 3.42% of Mexico’s GDP and employs over 12.97% of the country’s labor force (World Bank, 2017). However, the credit crunch continues to hurt this sector.

What are the characteristics of the Mexican economy?

The Mexican economy has characteristics of a developing country. There are strong social and regional inequalities, with 45% of the population living below the poverty line.

What is Mexico’s growth rate?

Fourteenth largest economy in the world and second largest economy in Latin America (after Brazil), the country is experiencing a growth rate close to 5% per year. Mexico devotes almost a third of its budget to repaying its foreign debt ($204 billion at the end of 2011).

What is the economic context of Mexico?

In this page: The economic context | The political context. Mexico is among the top 15 economies in the world and is the second largest economy in Latin America. The country is nevertheless highly dependent on the United States, its most important partner and recipient of 80% of Mexican exports.