Why is science fiction the most important genre?

Why is science fiction the most important genre?

Why is science fiction the most important genre?

The reader’s (or spectator’s) interest is therefore largely based on the pleasure he will take in exploring the consequences of the “What if…” posed by the author. ” The sciencefiction so play more only a role of observatory of future times. She is also and above all bearer of the fears and desires of the present time.”

What are the Subgenres of Science Fiction?


  • Hard sciencefiction.
  • Time travel.
  • Uchronia.
  • Cyberpunk.
  • Space opera.
  • Space fantasy.
  • planet opera.
  • Sciencefiction post-apocalyptic.

What are the benefits of science fiction?

The benefits : A tenfold sensitive experience, which gives the spectator the possibility of projecting himself. Above all, we appreciate the almost documentary aspect of the opening scenes in ‘Premier contact’, during which the characters meet the aliens and learn to communicate in a very realistic way.

Why do we love science fiction?

The escape from everyday life, the change of scenery, the discovery of other worlds, the thrill of the fantastic, the philosophical questions generated by SFthe possibilities of the future.

How to recognize a science fiction novel?

Novel whose plot takes place in the future sometimes describing a utopian world and the changes linked to technological evolution.

How to recognize a science fiction story?

the science fiction is an ambivalent literary object. It offers, on the one hand, an opening onto an imaginary world, exotic and all the more exotic as it is distant in time; it is always, on the other hand, a reading of the current world.

Why is fiction important?

The fiction makes it possible to popularize a doctrine to bring about the support of a large number of people. Indeed, it arouses the pleasure of the reader by captivating him by the plot, by disorienting him and by provoking his amusement.

What is the plot theory?

Georges Polti, a French writer, worked on the plot. In 1916, he expounded a theory that there were 36 basic dramatic situations applicable to any scenario. Today, this postulate still serves as the basis for learning dramaturgy.

How to make a good plot in a novel?

Think of each event in your novel as a domino. The key to a good plot is this: Scene 1 is the first domino that knocks down the next and so on. The first event should trigger the event immediately following it. And this until the culmination of the highlights of your story.

What are the essential elements of the plot?

The essential elements of the plot. The plot is what the characters do to deal with the situation they find themselves in. It’s the logical sequence of events that starts with an initial incident that changes the situation of the characters.

What is the difference between a plot and a film noir?

A plot like this can take the form of a quest, revenge, a love story, a film noir. It is a habit to distinguish plots according to their genre.