Why is the ozone hole big enough in 2020?

Why is the ozone hole big enough in 2020?

Why is the ozone hole big enough in 2020?

the hole in the layerozone above Antarctica, which broke a record in 2020finally closed at the end of December after an exceptional season due to natural weather conditions and the continuous presence in the atmosphere of substances depleting the layer ofozone.

Why does the reduction of the hole in the ozone layer take many years?

Scientists have discovered, he a few ago yearsthat the use of certain chemicals — chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) for example — had the ability to degrade this ozone layer. Their use has since been banned.

Why is the ozone layer disappearing?

Human activities are the primary factor responsible for disturbing this natural balance, primarily through emissions into the atmosphere of man-made chemicals known as food-depleting substances. ozone layer (SACO).

How does the ozone layer evolve on the surface of the Earth?

Since 2000, the ozone layer recovered at a rate of 1-3% per decade. Enough to hope to return to the level of the 1980s from the 2030s concerning the northern hemisphere. Rather in the 2050s for the southern hemisphere and ten years later for the polar regions.

How do holes in the ozone layer form?

The holes in the ozone layer are caused by chlorofluorocarbons, or CFCs, emitted into the atmosphere for decades through the use of aerosols, refrigerants, pesticides and other solvents, now banned by the Montreal Protocol, adopted in 1987.

Why did the hole in the ozone layer exceed the size of the Antar?

According to the latest reports from the body responsible for its monitoring, the hole in the ozone layer has exceeded the size of Antarctica this year. Human actions are the major factor in the progressive destruction of the environment, it is a fact.

How big is the 2020 ozone hole?

“Our observations show that the 2020 ozone hole has grown rapidly since mid-August and covers most of the Antarctic continent, with a size well above average,” explains project leader Diego Loyola from the German Aerospace Center.

When does the ozone hole get bigger?

For information, the ozone hole, located above Antarctica, is getting bigger every year at the end of the summer season. While the latter tended to decrease slightly at the beginning of December, the case presented itself differently this year.

Why do we have a hole in the ozone layer?

The concern about the hole in the ozone layer is linked to the importance of the latter for the planet: located between 15 and 50 km above sea level, it serves to filter ultraviolet rays and therefore reduces solar radiation. on earth.