Why is the truth hard to reach?

Why is the truth hard to reach?

Why is the truth hard to reach?

Because the truth not’is not obvious. The first cause of the difficulty in recognizing the truth seems to be the intrinsic difficulty of accessing it. The truth requires effort; she does not always come to us in the form of the obvious, and even when itis the case, the evidence can be misleading…

How does the truth manifest itself?

The truth is the correspondence between this what I say, and this which is: it is therefore opposed to falsity – in the sense of error, but also of lying. hold the truthit is therefore to state an objective discourse that corresponds to reality.

What is the problem with truth?

The problem of truth, by Aloïce Touzet – Science and Faith The term truth has two definitions that should not be confused. On the one hand, truth is a discourse adequate to the real; on the other hand, the truth is what must be, and what must be embodied, what must inform the real.

What is the way to get to the truth?

But for Descartes, there is only one means of arriving at the truth, it is reason. It is the ability to reflect and link proposals together so that they form a coherent whole.

How to reach the truth?

Reaching the truth supposes criteria to separate it from what is not it. When the truth recognizes itself, this criterion is evidence. But often the truth is hidden.

What is demonstrated truth?

Thus, it is considered that a demonstrated truth is so only within the particular theoretical system within which it is inserted. The choice of the theoretical framework will therefore no longer depend on whether it is true or false, but on its relevance or its usefulness in terms of what is to be demonstrated. This is what the mathematician Poincaré points out.