Why is war bad?

Why is war bad?

Why is war bad?

The fighting is violent, deadly and difficult in the trenches or during major offensives. The war is the opportunity to mobilize new weapons (gas, cannon, aviation, etc.) which are more lethal. The conditions of combat and survival of the soldiers are very difficult: mud, rats, cold….

What are the evils of war?

The evils of war already reside in this intellectual stupefaction which pits communities against each other. Everyone hates the one who is pointed out as an enemy, forgetting everything in which he is our fellow man – he too is a victim of murderous manipulation.

What is war?

He questions war and not any form of revolt or armed defence. War involves peoples pitted against each other, States, a whole collective organization with its war economy and its propaganda. The worst of evils?

Why is there no fresh and joyful war?

There is no fresh and joyful war. It is a tragedy where one kills not to be killed. It’s bad for those who do it and it’s bad, even worse, for those who suffer it. But sometimes it is necessary.

Why is there no good in war?

The loss of freedom and national dishonor, the misery of the proletariat, the slumber of activity in the hum of habits are, each time, thought of as the worst evils for humanity. And thereby opens the breach which forces us to examine whether there is not something “good” in the war…