Why leave the board?

Why leave the board?

Why leave the board?

Why many leave the profession quite quickly? Beyond this prejudice, a combination of very specific factors can encourage leave the board quickly: The requirement of the job which requires accepting a relatively high level of work and pressure.

How to work in strategy?

You must have real interpersonal skills as well as great communication skills, both orally and in writing. Often required to write briefing notes or recommendations, the Consultant in strategy must also know how to explain them succinctly during management committees.

Why not work in consulting?

Weak decision-making power: Consumes at a time in your life when professionally, you want to have decision-making power. For example, on a budget, even a reduced one, the council do will give you not the opportunity as a junior.

Why join a consulting firm?

As soon as you leave your studies, choose a law firm advice makes it possible to benefit from the prestige of the brands that it accompanies on a daily basis. These companies can greatly add value to a CV. All these brands will offer you the opportunity to make a difference in the context of future recruitment.

How to become a strategy consultant?

For become a strategy consultant, it is better to obtain a diploma at Bac +5 level, in an engineering or business school. A master’s degree specializing in strategyadvice and organization is also possible.


Why do an internship at KPMG?

Gain experience and skills within a group recognized worldwide! Intervene on various missions for a multitude of clients: from large French and international groups to ETIs and family groups, including start-ups.

What are the Big 4 consulting firms?

It’s important to define the Big 4 and establish the difference between Big 4 Consulting and all others consulting. Tea Big 4 are PriceWaterhouseCoopers (PwC), Ernst & Young (E&Y), Deloitte, and KPMG.

What is it like to work at a big 4?

You’ll learn constantly– working at a Big 4 means you spend your time helping clients with their problems, rather than working on your own organization. New graduates work across multiple industries over their first few years and can quickly get exposure to everything from retail, to technology start-ups, through to health care operations.

Should I go for Big 4 Life?

Be careful what you wish. If you really love technology then you may find that the new career doesn’t fulfill your geeky needs. However, if you are much more interested in business and how technology and business intersect then a Big 4 life may be the life for you.

What is the difference between SME work and Big 4 work?

If you are a technology SME then you will more than likely end up working for the Advisory practice of one of the firms. Big 4 work is considered Management Consulting. Tea Big 4 take the difference very seriously. Consulting in any other form is considered “Industry” experience.