Why make music?

Why make music?

Why make music?

The practice of singing or of an instrument of music contributes strongly to the development of the personality, by balancing the intellect and the affect. It stimulates the sense of effort, especially in children, by asking them to invest daily and perseverance.

What is the influence of music on young people?

The music also brings positive effects in older children youth : Nursery rhymes and songs help children develop their language, attention span and rhythmic sense. With the mimed songs, we learn to know our body, we do motor skills, dramatic expression.


What are the different types of program music?

This can take the form of a title, capable of evoking a narration on its own, or that of an additional text. The main genres of program music are the program symphony, the symphonic poem and the program overture.

What is program music?

Program music. The notion of program music generally applies to instrumental works (sometimes with choral parts or solo voices), on a subject evoked or specified using a more or less detailed program. This can take the form of a title, capable of evoking a narration on its own,…

Who invented program music?

Program music was officially born with the creation, in 1830, of Hector Berlioz’s Symphonie Fantastique, based on a literary argument. However, we find traces of it from the 16th century. […] Subscribe and access this article in its entirety …

What is the difference between program music and pure music?

In fact, it seems that program music is especially favored by composers who most often need, like Berlioz, Liszt or Wagner, literary support to fully express themselves. As we have seen, its opposite is “pure music” (sonata, quartet, concerto, symphony, etc.),…