Why media coverage?

Why media coverage?

Why media coverage?

Benefit from a good media coverage helping to promote events. This helps to attract people on D-Day, to encourage targets to register in advance. By strengthening your presence on the media, you strengthen your brand image.

How to make a press invitation?

  1. The date and time of the event.
  2. The place of the demonstration.
  3. The program of the conference hurry or day and its guidelines (e.g. speaking time, theme per speech),
  4. Guests and experts present (ministers, scientists)

What is Media Coverage?

In the context of PR, events and crisis communication, the notion of media coverage corresponds to the echo given by the media to an event concerning a brand or a company.

Why do you need media coverage?

Getting media coverage doesn’t automatically mean more customers or guests. According to Holiday, “Media outlets have difficulty charging for their own product—what makes you think they will be able to convince readers and viewers to buy yours?” Bad reason #2.

What are the benefits of media coverage?

You focus on different stakeholders: potential prospects, loyal customers, investors, to name a few. If you get media coverage, you will be able to establish your position as an industry leader and that will reinforce the trust placed in you.

What are the goals of media coverage?

Apart from crisis situations, obtaining media coverage is often one of the main objectives of corporate events (evening events, product launches, various events, etc.) and other press releases.