Why New Jersey?

Why New Jersey?

Why New Jersey?

The name New Jersey comes from the Channel Island of Jersey.

What is the population of Union City NJ?

Union City is a city in the northern part of Hudson County, New Jersey, United States. According to the 2010 United States Census the city had a total population of 66,455, reflecting a decline of 633 (−0.9%) from the 67,088 counted in the 2000 Census, which had in turn increased by 9,076 (+15.6%)…

Who is the mayor of Union City NJ?

the mayor of Union City is Brian P. Stack, who became mayor in 2000 after a recall election forced the resignation of then-mayor Raúl “Rudy” Garcia.

What is Union City New Jersey famous for?

The town was famous for being the home of the rowdy Hudson Burlesque. Theaters in Union City featured vaudeville and burlesque and acts including Fred Astaire and Harry Houdini. It was at a vaudeville theater in Union City that comedian George Burns would meet his longtime partner and wife, Gracie Allen.

Is Union City the most distressed community in New Jersey?

Accessed J. “According to the 1997 New Jersey Municipal Distress Index, which is based on social, economic, fiscal and physical indicators, of the 566 municipalities in New Jersey, Union City is considered to be the 3rd most distressed community in the state…. In the 1940s Union City attracted the first Cuban immigrants.