Why no more beer at McDo?

Why no more beer at McDo?

Why no more beer at McDo?

It’s a licensing issue. Mcdonalds does not have a license to sell alcohol to take away. Moreover, they do not have the right to sell beer without sandwich with.

How to have free McDo menu?

From 15 points obtained on your card Mcdonaldsyou can enjoy products free : beverage, menudessert… You can also choose to continue earning points via the app.

What are the drinks at Mcdo?

The offer beverage of McDonald’s includes drinks hot and drinks cold, without forgetting the offer of drinks McCafe. Refreshing or comforting, from single or double espresso to ristretto, including coffee or hot chocolate, all thirsts for beverage can be sealed at McDonald’s.

What is Mcdo’s Green Ice Tea?

Iced green tea with a deliciously fresh & light taste. Green Ice Tea = Iced green tea. Available in small (25cl), medium (40cl) and large (50cl) format.

Is it real coke at Mcdo?

The fast-food chain receives the Coca in the form of syrup, in metal containers. A material variation that complicates the taste of the soda and gives it a different taste. Then, the syrup and the water which will mix in the fountains, are separately pre-cooled.