Why Pentecostal?

Why Pentecostal?

Why Pentecostal?

We call Pentecostalism or, in a more restrictive sense, Pentecostal movement, the religious groups, generally of the type of the sect, which place at the forefront of their belief the conviction that all Christian life necessarily includes a re-actualization of the charisms of the primitive Church. .

What is a vision of the Church?

In religious vocabulary, a view is an immediate apprehension, felt as unmistakable, clear and direct of the presence of God, of the divine, of a spirit or a deity, or of a supernatural phenomenon.

What are the charisms of the Holy Spirit?

In the Christian faith, the seven gifts of HolyMind (Where charismafrom the Greek χαρισμα, gift) are graces that God allows to believers. these are wisdom, intelligence, strength, science, counsel, piety and fear.

What is God’s vision?

The vision of god is to love, cause, read and contain everything within oneself. My heart finds no rest, Lord, because your love has inflamed it with such a desire that it can rest only in you. [66][66]See Saint Augustine, Confessions, I, 1: “Inquietum is horn….

How to discover his charisma?

In conclusion, the charisma arises from listening to oneself: if I do what I want when I want – as far as possible, then the charisma will follow. What commands admiration is to be anchored, aligned, able to follow through on one’s projects while avoiding empty words.

What is God’s vision for the world?

The vision of god is to love, cause, read and contain everything within oneself.

What is Center Bethel?

Bethel is an extraordinary place of praise and worship. The Bethel-AEFPC Center is a place where the power of God is at work through miracles and wonders.

What is Bethel Church?

The name of the church refers to the biblical site of Bethel and means House of God. The church grew out of the work of the Mission Evangélique Belge, an organization that became active in Belgium after the end of the First World War.

What is the meaning of Bethel?

Bethel is linked in the Bible to the passage of the patriarchs Abraham and Jacob on this place: Abraham builds an altar there, while Jacob falls asleep there and dreams of Jacob’s ladder, a ladder traversed by angels which rises to ‘to the sky. The Ark of the Covenant resides there later in the time of the Judges of Israel and Samuel holds his court of justice there.

What are the benefits of the Bible city of Bethel?

Biblical city par excellence, Bethel also called “House of God” will become a renowned sanctuary which will even compete with that of Jerusalem. Above all, Jesus will refer to this place and evoke Jacob’s dream for his next glorification…