Why positive masculinity?

Why positive masculinity?

Why positive masculinity?

∎ Masculinities positive help build stronger families and relationships where men and women can learn better from each other. Men are part of the problem of inequality, we must work with them so that they are part of the solution.

What is the role of men?

According to the women, themale must first be the constant companion (53% of the vote) then ensure a role protector (44%). Note: in 2007, the role of the companion reached 63% of the responses.

What are the fundamental characteristics of the concept of masculinity?

73 The fundamental characteristics of the concept remain the combination of a plurality of masculinities and the hierarchy of masculinities. This basic idea has held up well in twenty years of research experiments.

What are the fields of the study of masculinities?

Sport = a pioneering field in the study of masculinities > privileged place for the social construction of masculinities Exaltation of competition and physical performance Denigration of women and homosexuals Effect of naturalization of a dominant masculinity Sport and masculinity Plural sporting masculinities

What are the consequences of masculinity?

The consequences of masculinity But also the issues/costs Encouragement of violence towards others and towards oneself Massively male criminality More risk-taking (e.g. drug and alcohol consumption, smoking, drunk driving \u0001Eesse, \u0001Œunprotected sex, less medical follow-up) see session 11

What is Masculinity?

Masculinity can be defined as the set of characteristics, behaviors specific to men, behaviors or characteristics that are free from violence. This new concept was the subject of a photo exhibition with the theme: “Swedish fathers and champions of positive masculinities in the DR Congo”.