Why study in Milan?

Why study in Milan?

Why study in Milan?

Milanoan attractive choice Why Milano is it the ideal city for these students? “The gastronomy, the aperitivi, a lot of green spaces in the city, the possibility of being able to travel thanks to the stations which serve the country very well”, answers Fanny, Erasmus student at the Politecnico di Milano.

What job to do in Italy?

Sectors that are hiring Italy The main employment sectors are trades catering (baker, pastry chef), IT, commerce, teaching and secretarial work. Engineers and technicians are also sought after.

Where to live near Milan?

  • The party district – Navigli area. Located in the south of the city, Navigli area is a neighborhood where young workers and insomniac students like to live. …
  • The young and LGBTQ friendly district – Porto Venezia. …
  • Uptown – Moscova and Corso como. …
  • The beautiful historical quarters – Brera and the Quadrilatero della moda.

What are the reasons for studying in Italy?

The quality of life is at a reasonable cost, the cultural and artistic richness is undeniable, the destination is close and, studiesthe offer is diversified, with 60 public universities (including the three Politecnici specialized in engineering), 17 private universities recognized by the State, higher schools …

Why did you choose Italy?

L’Italy, these are breathtaking landscapes, equally breathtaking monuments and a warm welcome to the sound of the pleasant accent of the inhabitants. It is also the cuisine, internationally renowned.

What is the highest paid job in Italy?

Thanks to a study conducted by Indeed, it was possible to identify the trades them best paid in Italy. – Chartered accountant: 27,000-85,000 euros gross per year, the profile of the commercialista in italy east very important or even essential when making the tax declaration in Italy.

Why are students attracted to the city of Milan?

Students are drawn to the city for many reasons, but one of the main ones is that education in Milan doesn’t just take place inside the classroom: it’s also experienced off campus.

Why do a language school in Milan?

Milan, Italy is one of the most famous centers of fashion, design and business. It’s a city that offers countless opportunities to keep you busy while you attend your language school in Milan. city ​​center or not located.

What are the University of Milan English Courses?

The master programs included in the English courses of the University of Milan provide students with advanced training and professionals in specific fields who wish to study in Italy in English and require a high level of qualification in the best college in Milan present in the city.

What is the University of Milan?

General informations ; The university; The University of Milan is a public teaching and research university which – with 8 faculties and 2 schools and a teaching staff of more than 2000 professors – stands out for its wide variety of disciplinary fields.