Why the competency-based approach?

Why the competency-based approach?

Why the competency-based approach?

Why adopt such approach ? In professional training, thecompetency-based approach makes it possible to reinforce the reflexive and civic dimensions of the action, whereas, in the other courses, it makes it possible to complete the theory with a practical dimension.

What are the objectives of the master room?

– The Teachers’ Room Objective: a serene class climate! The class climate results from the relationship that the students have with each other, but also from that created between the teacher and his students. Achieving a serene classroom climate is a daily task! The organization of learning and equipment plays a big part in this.

What is progress?

The idea of ​​progress is linked, on the philosophical level, to a deep tendency of the Enlightenment which thought that it could transform the world from the diffusion of knowledge providing human beings with the intellectual means necessary to question and transform Old Regime society.

What is Political Progress?

The Marquis de Condorcet, an 18th-century philosopher and political scientist, predicted that political progress would involve the end of slavery, increased literacy, lessening of gender inequality, prison reforms that, at the time, were severe and declining poverty.

How to organize a classroom?

You must therefore tell yourself when you set up a classroom that you must offer all the students a calm and above all harmonious place. In addition, a good layout helps you to have positive behavioral changes not only from students, but also from teachers.