Why theater at school?

Why theater at school?

Why theater at school?

the theater in class is a veritable mine of learning. Bringing speech and exchange in class has become a priority for teachers who come up against the difficult behavior of their students: silence, exacerbated individualism, difficulty concentrating, lack of motivation, violence…

What is the difference between theater and school?

He considered that the theater – which is always more or less, in his eyes, a theater of shadows as in the myth of the cave – was the place of seduction, whereas the school – or more precisely education, since there was no school in the strict sense at the time -, was the place of learning resistance to seduction.

What are the professions of educational theatre?

Like professional theatre8, educational theater also encompasses all stage professions; as well as other artistic forms present in any theatrical act – such as the direction, the creation of the scenography, the illumination or the costumes -; and ultimately also the public.

What are the fundamentals of theatre?

Now the theater gives, precisely, to hear the void, that is to say that it gives way to a word which, sometimes, breaks, is interrupted, comes out of the logorrhea to allow a subject to come to pass. , mysteriously. Instituting a collective enabling “focalization” The third of the fundamentals of theater is sharing.

How to train in the theater?

It is therefore a question of training oneself, through the theatre, in a personal discipline, of experiencing an asceticism, a sacrifice of the immediate expression of oneself, in order to access a form of “speech” more universal.